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Pacemaker kid's party

Dear all,

our kids are precious to us. When they get sick they are very week and deserve sympathy and when they receive a permanent Pacemaker they deserve our hearts and soul to care for them. These pacemaker kids live long with their pacemakers and the families do not know how to deal with them... They also have normal brothers and sisters who want to play with them......In this party we are going to have an educational  film and a song to help the kid and his family to live a normal safe life with the pacemaker as a new family member...... Kids will have a lot of FUN and me too !!!  Invite any pacemaker kid to the party and come with him .

The party is on tuesday 5th of July at Dar Eldeyafa of Ain Shams university at 10 AM

Download the invitation from Here

Download the full program from Here