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I would like to invite you to the FIFTH CARTO CLUB

which will be held at AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY on TUESDAY 20th of JULY 2010 at 10 AM till 1 PM

The subject is: ISchemic Ventricular tachycardia

Dr Ossama Diab will talk about aetiology and mechanisms of ischemic VT

Dr Tamer Fahmy will talk about ECG diagnosis of VT guided by different imaging modalities

Dr Amir Abdelwahab will talk about mapping of VT

Dr John Kamel and Dr Mohamad Magdy will present interesting cases of ischemic VT Ablation

This CARTO CLUB is for the elites who enjoy electrophysiology

If you feel you love electrophysiology , then you are going to enjoy 3 hours of the opera of CARTO

Editor in Chief
Mervat ABoulmaaty